Monday, 30 March 2015

Moving on to Greenscreen for Texture

At this point we've animated into our next sequence, texture. We are making a more detailed storyboard which is soon going to be on this blog, but at the moment we're still experiencing issues when it comes to lighting.

Two different scenes with two different lighting problems (Too light and too dark)

Before we're moving onto Texture - our next element of design we'll be portraying - we're testing out Green screen. We have made a very makeshift set of green paper to help with this, and we're relying on our editor to figure out what programs can be used to make the green screen work functionally, and make what seems to be a paper plane flying past different textures. We have a scene where we've tried it out. We'll do a comparison and see if anything has changed through the green screen.

So at the moment we're exploring software that will help us with green screen. If we can't find any software, we'll go back to originally making the paper plane flying across real materials.

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