Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Animation Investigation - Stop Motion

Using , We've been doing an active investigation on what software we should be using in making an animation.

Due to the surreal number of videos on this site, my group and I had to decide on what kind of animation we wanted to do, and after a minute we had decided to accept Stop Motion as our basis for the animation. Looking into Digital animation looks extremely complicated and buying software that allows this kind of animation. Stop Motion seems simple, but we'll look through other types of animation later.

We've chosen a course that helps getting started with stop motion animation;

What is Stop Motion?
  • Still images played back rapidly
  • Can be captured roughly or smoothly in every frame
Key points in getting started (basic stop motion):
  • Stop motion is a popular technique for animation
  • "iStopMotion" - For IOS (good practice)
  • Standard Camera (eg. DSLR)
  • "Bring inanimate object to life"
  • Clean lens and equipment
  • Stabilizing cameras
  • Not all cameras can support all software
  • Photography Tripod/Video Tripod
  • "Shooting Tethered"
  • USB Cable from the camera to the computer:
    - Easily able to see through the camera via. computer screen
    - Onion skinning

  • Advanced controls; locking exposure and controlling white balance
  • iStopMotion, Stop Motion Studio, Stop Motion Pro, DragonFrame
  • iStopMotion for IOS is an easy way to get used to stop motion animation.
  • 'Onion Skinning' = a preview or a ghost of the previous frame taken
  • "Moving closer to more advanced tools like DragonFrame"
  • Assembling pictures
  • Trimming
  • Sequence shots, music, and balancing
  • Lots of editing software; Photoshop, Adobe Premier, etc.
  • iMovie is a nice starter

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