Sunday, 15 March 2015

A Rough Story Board - Presenting the Elements

As a story board, we've gathered a very simplistic draft of what kind of animation we wanted to use. We might arrange it differently during the process, but it is possible we might keep some of these ideas in the animation as a basis.

Here are some ideas:


Colour - Bits of coloured paper being spread across a surface, and then folded into a ball
Line     - Whiteboard, a worm or simple line traveling across a whiteboard
Shape  - Claymation, morphing clay into strange and common shapes
Size     - Paper turning into clay, which gets larger as a size comparison
Space  - Marker falls off whiteboard and rolls to paper, where a circle on the paper shows different kinds of space e.g. negative space and a circle getting smaller in perspective.
Value  - Pencil draws on paper, showing shading, dark and light areas.
Texture - Paper, folding into a paper plane, perhaps flying into different textures such as walls and cement, and refolds into paper.

In order through animation:

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