Thursday, 23 April 2015

Testing Animation and Reflection

As we were viewing the animation currently, we were able to identify numerous problems with the animation.

1. Lightning
Lighting has become a major issue in our animation. Without a steady lighting source in our animation the lighting becomes mixed, with the camera auto-adjusting to different shades of light. Because it's so hard to keep a steady light throughout our animation, we will try find a light which will be stable and be used in the animation (hopefully without spending money, perhaps a bedside table lamp would do.)

2. Focus
When taking difficult shots in the animation, some shots were out of focus. Because I'm the photography I wasn't sure where to focus on - the background (especially in texture) because the texture in the background needs to be in focus enough to illustrate detail - or the subject at shot (in this case the paper plane). It's difficult to decide on which things that should be focused on in particular sequences, but we believe we've done a good enough job for the first 3 - 4 sequences.

3. Software
Tom, our editor, reviewed the software we chose to use for our animation (Hue Animation) and realized that the software is much too simple for what we're doing. We will now be using DragonFrame's 30 day trial for our animation. We'll be quickly gathering what we have done so far and embedding the pictures into DragonFrame.

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