Sunday, 19 April 2015

Starting Audio and Music

Because music and sound is quite important in an animation, we have started to investigate music and sound while we're still developing the stop motion animation.
We want an original piece of music, rather than something already made. Therefore we need to discover other software that will allow us to do this. The only software we were presented on our laptops was Audacity, but the school computers also come with GarageBand, a rather in-depth music and sound maker.

The only problem we are having is that the animation is not completely finished, and parts that require sound or FX still need to be established.

We've decided we will try make a small piece of music to become familiar with the software we might be using, as long as we know the basics we will be ready to make sounds at the end of the developing stage of the stop motion animation.
We will also be using to help us with this part of the animation.

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